It seems like your furnace goes out at always the most inopportune times: it’s the coldest week of the year, you have company coming over, or you’re sick. We’ve been there, we understand. Many times we have gone out on a customer call and found that it is an easy fix. So we came up with these three things to check if your gas furnace won’t start. They’re good to know and could get your house warming back up much quicker than having us come out to find out the problem. So check these first before calling for maintenance:

  1. Your thermostat – is it set to “HEAT” and do the batteries need to be replaced? Look for a flashing symbol that looks like a battery on the display screen.
  2. Gas line on? Gas shutoff is mounted on the gas line serving the furnace and this “SHUTOFF” should be facing the same direction as the gas line.
  3. Electricity on? Look for a wall switch adjacent to the furnace that looks like a light switch, sometimes these get turned off. A second place to look is the electrical panel for a tripped breaker.

Checking these out before you call us can help you, and us, narrow down the problems even before we come out. We would love to help you get your heat back on as soon as possible. And if it’s one of these issues, you will be able to save your money on a service call, and you’ll be warming up before you know it!