Duct Sealing by Home Heating & Cooling

Buying New Heating & Cooling Equipment?

Get the utility savings, comfort, clean air, & peace of mind you pay for.

On behalf of our team, thank you for the opportunity to serve you. When buying new equipment, many of our clients ask:

  • How can we save the most on our utility bills and minimize future repair bills?
  • Will our new equipment even out temperatures between rooms and levels?
  • What else can we do to reduce dust and allergy suffering?
  • Can you make the new unit run quieter?

We encourage you to check out the educational tips and videos here on our website.

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Are any of the above issues also important to you? I encourage you to also consider repairing any pre-existing weaknesses in your old duct system.

While almost every duct system would benefit from an upgrade, it is totally optional. However, I can confidently say our happiest clients are those who chose to also upgrade their old ductwork when they installed new equipment.

Please call for a Comfort Institute Fact Sheet on ducts. It summarizes the latest research from the Department of Energy, EnergyStar, and many other consumer protection authorities.

Please do not hesitate to call me personally if I can help!

Ric Secor
Home Heating & Cooling